TFI Reunion Preamble, Constitution and By-Laws

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TFI Reunion Preamble, Constitution and By-Laws

(Adapted from Canada TFI Reunion Committee 2008)


The Reunion is a friendly gathering of TFI alumni, ex-students and their friends to share a moment of camaraderie in good spirit of fellowship and good time.

The elected committee is to achieve its objectives by choosing a location of choice, creating a link between the previous and the next reunion in a joint effort, based on mutual respect, corporation and support, forming a chain of Reunions that would connect friends from all parts of the world, to strengthen the old friendship and to welcome new ones in a friendly environment.


Article 1: NAME

The name of the Reunion shall be TFI, it derived from an acronym for T (Technische Hoge School), F (Fakultas Teknik and Fakultas Ilmu Pasti dan Ilmu Alam, Universitas Indonesia) and I (Institut Teknologi Bandung).

The first TFI Reunion was held in Las Vegas in 1987, since then it had been held in USA, the Netherlands, Germany and Canada. In the beginning it was triennial and it became biannual in interval after 2002.

Article 2: OBJECTIVE

The objective of TFI Reunion is to provide cordial social gathering of alumni and ex-students of the former Technische Hoge School in Bandung as well as the Indonesia University Technical Faculty and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and later the Institut Teknologi Bandung, on a predetermined regular basis.

Article 3: AGREEMENT

The agreement of TFI Reunion has been entered within the first reunion in Las Vegas in 1987, in accordance with the vision and the mission as stated in the preamble, for an indefinite period of time.


  • Eligibility for participation shall be ex-students and alumni of TH, FT-UI, FIPIA and ITB.
  • There shall be in addition the Associate Participants as defined in the By-Laws under Article 1.


The TFI Reunion Committee only acts as the organizer for a TFI Reunion. Under no any circumstances can the organizer of the TFI Reunion Committee, either as a group or as an individual, be made liable for any claim by the participants, as a group or as an individual, for any injury, damage, loss, accident resulting directly or indirectly from the act of God, terrorist attack, Strike, theft, failure of any kind, discrepancies, or changes over which it has no control, which may occur on the way to, before and during the Reunion.

An indemnification clause shall be included in the Registration Form which must be read and signed or initialed by the Reunion participant.

The TFI Reunion Committee must recommend and emphasize that all participants to purchase trip cancellation, hospitalization, medical attention, and baggage loss protection insurance for themselves.

Article 6: FUNDS

As TFI Reunion is organized by volunteers on a non-profit basis, the only TFI funds that exist should consist of the registration fees and any donation out of the participant of the Reunion.

Any leftover funds after all payments of meeting room rental, hotel bills, foods and beverages, programming and entertainments, service charges, tax and tips are all cleared, may be refunded to the participants or to be donated to the next Reunion Committee.

Article 7: EXECUTIVE

The Executive, also known as the Preparatory Committee of TFI Reunion Committee consisted of, first and foremost, the Chairperson.

  • The Chairperson for each subsequent TFI Reunion is nominated by TFI members and to be elected in the course of the Gala Dinner or the Dinner to mark the end of each Reunion. A TFI member may also nominate himself or herself as Chairperson for the next Reunion.
  • The organization of each Reunion shall be carried out by a Preparatory Committee of not less than 5 (five) members who shall be selected and nominated by the new Chairperson, based upon their willingness and ability to volunteer their time and share their experience and expertise.
  • The Preparatory Committee is in charge to conduct the affairs and to represent the Reunion participants.
  • The Reunion participants shall be bound vis-à-vis third parties by the signature of any two of the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurers.

Article 8: MEETINGS

The meetings of Executive members shall be held at least twice in the course of the preparation for the next reunion. In the event that it is impossible for members to get together due to the distance of location, the discussion could be conducted on an individual basis by telephone or email, and to be reported to all committee members.


  • Each TFI ex-student or alumnus has the privilege of sponsoring 1 (one) non-TFI couple or 2 (two) non-TFI persons.
  • Each TFI couple, either a married couple of which one or both are TFI members, can sponsor 2 (two) non-TFI couples or 4 (four) non-TFI individuals.
  • The Resolution has been agreed upon by members of the Preparatory Committee of the Ottawa Reunion 2006, as well as Regional Coordinators that representing Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia and the USA.
  • Any alterations and amendments affecting this Constitution must be approved by simply 51% of the Committee members and the Regional Coordinators.


The By-laws are provided to the Executive Committee and the participants of the Reunion in accordance with the Constitution. Any alterations and amendments subject to the approval of simply 51% of the Executive members.


A person who takes part in a TFI Reunion is a TFI Reunion participant. There are 3 (three) categories of participants.

  1. Regular Participant
  2. Associate Participant
  • Guest

Regular Participant: As stated in the Constitution under Article 4.

  • Regular Participants or the so called TFI-er must had attended the TH, FT-UI, FIPIA-UI or ITB, even though they: (i) may or may not completed their studies at any of the above institutions; (ii) continued their studies elsewhere, or (iii) graduated from another institution.
  • Spouses and former spouses of TFI-ers, whether separated, divorced or widowed are regarded as Regular Participants.
  • A TFI couple, regardless of whether one or both are TFI-ers, can sponsor a maximum of 4 (four) non-TFI individuals, for example, 2 (two) non-TFI couples OR a non-TFI couple and 2 (two) non-TFI individuals.
  • A single TFI-er can sponsor a maximum of 2 (two) non-TFI individuals OR 1 (one) non-TFI couple.

Associate Participant:

  • Any person who has been sponsored by a TFI-er and who has actively participated in a minimum of 2 (two) previous TFI Reunions may become an adopted TFI-er, hence, an Associate Participant.
  • An Associate Participant does not require a sponsorship to participate the Reunion.
  • An Associate Participant can register the Reunion on his/her own merit.
  • The number of Associate Participants and guests, however, shall not exceed 40% of the total number of Reunion participants.
  • The Associate Participants, therefore, are included on a first come first served basis during the registration process.
  • The Associate Participants shall not be entitled to sponsor other non-TFI-er.
  • A single Associate Participant who marries a TFI-er, however, shall, henceforth, be classified as a Regular Participant. See Article 1 (I b) above.
  • A single Associate Participant who marries a non-TFI-er shall seek a sponsor for his/her non-TFI partner if said partner wishes to attend a TFI Reunion, unless that non-TFI partner has actively attended a minimum of 2 (two) previous Reunion as a sponsored guest.
  • An Associate Participant’s non-TFI partner shall become an Associate Participant after he/she has attended a minimum of 2 (two) TFI Reunions.


  • A non-TFI-er who is sponsored by a TFI-er may attend a TFI Reunion, as long as the number of Associate Participants and Guests do not exceed 40% of the total participants.


Article 2: FEES

There are no annual fee. The criteria for participating TFI Reunion is the following:

  1. As defined in the by-laws, under Article 1 (I, II, and III)
  2. Full payment of the registration fee, the total sum of which is determined by the current Executive, based on the venue, local prices for programs, tours, printing, souvenirs, services, such as band, food and beverages, including taxes and gratuities.
  • The registration fee is the same for TFI-ers, Associate Participants and Guests.
  1. For participants residing in areas or countries other than the host country or city, registration fees (including local bank charges) can be wired or transferred to the TFI account in the host country. Participants may also submit their registration fee to the Regional Coordinator in their area who will all collected monies in bulk to TFI account in the host country or city, provided he/she is amenable to it.
  2. The total amount of the registration fee can be sent in USD, using the official exchange rate on the day the money is being transferred (plus 2 cents to cover currency fluctuations) to the TFI account, or in the local currency of the host country.


The Preparatory Committee (henceforth The Committee or TFI Committee) is to sign a contract with the hotels for accommodation, it is based on a general survey among prospective participants to establish a target quota.

The Committee also is to sign contracts with travel or cruise lines operators, food and service suppliers for the benefit and enjoyment of all participants. These resulting in considerable financial responsibilities when the target quota is not met before the cancellation deadline set by the travel and cruise lines companies, hotels, foods and service suppliers.

By signing above contracts, the TFI Committee has made commitments to the travel and cruise lines and other food and service suppliers on behalf of all participants through early registration and payment. It will allow the Committee to adjust the target quota for accommodation, food and beverages, as well as tours, without financial losses.

Full refund of registration fee and travel or cruise lines deposits, which minus administration cost, can only be initiated if:

  • Registration exceeds the target quota;
  • The number of cancellations does not affect the target quota; and
  • Once all financial commitments have been disbursed.

Refund priority will be based upon registration and cancellation dates. It has been agreed upon that 10% of the registration fee will be deducted for administration cost.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that all participants obtain travel, health and cancellation insurance for own protection, in case of any reason cancelling their trip and the participation of the Reunion.


  1. The Chairperson of future Reunion is nominated and elected by the Committee members and the TFI participants during the Gala event. While the nominee should not feel any obligation to accept the nomination, it is the hope that he/she shall accept this honor, as it reflected to the collective trust of the outgoing Committee members and the Reunion participants.
  2. A person may also volunteer to nominate him/herself for the chairmanship position of next Reunion.
  • The elected Chairperson shall recruit a Vice Chairperson and a Secretary to assist him/her in recruiting and appointing the other Committee members to establish a new Preparatory Committee.


The Committee shall consist of:

  1. The PREPARATORY COMMITTEE. Which shall include the minimum of 5 (five) members, each of whom is responsible for fulfilling his/her duties and to assist each other in any which way they can.

Active members of the Preparatory Committee and their job descriptions, as the following:

  1. Chairperson:
  • The Chairperson shall select a Vice Chairperson and a Secretary to assist him/her in the recruitment and selection of the other Committee members and Regional Coordinators.
  • The Chairperson or Vice Chairperson shall chair all meetings, whether in person or by other means of communication.
  • The Chairperson or Vice Chairperson shall outline the framework for the prospective Reunion as a guideline for planned programs and activities.
  • The Chairperson or Vice Chairperson shall discuss all aspects of the various tours, programs and activities with the Committee members and Regional Coordinators.
  • The Chairperson or Vice Chairperson shall be actively involved in planning, management and coordination of the various tours and programs.
  • The Chairperson or Vice Chairperson shall oversee the Committee’s activities and to be involved in decision making.
  • The Chairperson, together with Vice Chairperson and Treasury, shall sign all contracts on behalf of the TFI Reunion Committee and participants.
  1. Secretary:
  • The Secretary and his/her assistant shall maintain a complete and up-to-date list of all TFI members living in different parts of the world, who may or may not have participated in TFI Reunions, in order to establish a master list of all TFI-ers, Associate TFI-ers and friends, for historical purposes and as a record of the TFI diaspora.
  • The Secretary and his/her assistant shall compile and maintain a complete up-to-date list of all Reunion participants for the current Reunion, including new names if applicable, name at birth, affiliation, year of entry, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, photographs and relevant information.
  • The Secretary and his/her assistant shall ensure that all formalities for participation in the Reunion, as described in the By-Laws Article 1 (I, II and III) as well as Article 2 (II) have been satisfied.
  • The Secretary shall keep current and updated copies of the Constitution and By-Laws that are to be passed on to the next Preparatory Committee.
  • The Secretary and his/her assistant shall work closely with the printer by providing and submitting a complete list of all registrants for the Reunion booklet which include photographs and personal information to the printer.
  • The Secretary shall provide copies of an up-to-date list of all participants to the Hospitality Coordinator and Group Captain Coordinator.
  • Treasurer:
  • The Treasurer and his/her assistant shall maintain a record of the Reunion’s finances as requested by the Chairperson.
  • The Treasurer shall work closely with the Secretary and to double-check that all fees have been paid.
  • The secretary shall obtain receipts for payments of services, and preserve them in chronological order, according to type of service such as food and beverages, tours, souvenirs, and others.
  • The Treasurer shall prepare and submit a Report to be reviewed at periodic intervals, and at the end of the Reunion to the Chairperson and at least one other member of the Committee.
  • The Treasurer shall, uoon request, release said Report to the next Committee.
  • The Treasurer shall cosign all contracts with the hotel and tour organization.
  1. Travel and Cruise Coordinator:
  • The Travel and Cruise Coordinator shall research and select a company for approval by the Core Committee.
  • The Travel and Cruise Coordinator shall liaise and negociate with the selected travel operator and cruise company regarding the ship facilities for meeting room, selection and fares of various staterooms, payment and cancellation terms.
  • The Travel and Cruise Coordinator shall work directly with the participants for the selection of staterooms and other specific requirement of the participants.
  • The Travel and Cruise Coordinator shall work closely with the Treasurer to ensure that each participant has provided correct document, name, and paid their fares on time to avoid penalties.
  • The Travel and Cruise Coordinator shall during the registration day to designate his/her assistant to provide the necessary document and information regarding the Travel and Cruise.
  1. Entertainment Coordinator:
  • The Entertainment Coordinators shall be responsible for selecting appropriate entertainment programs to be performed at designated times during the reunion on land or at sea.
  • The Entertainment Coordinators shall coordinate and arrange entertainment programs for the Gala Dinner and Dance event and other events as selected by the Entertainment Coordinator and the Core Committee.
  • The Entertainment Coordinators shall work closely with the Master of Ceremony and Program Coordinator for proper timing and scheduling of the various performances.
  1. Hospitality Coordinator:
  • The Hospitality Coordinator shall form a Welcoming Committee at his/her own discretion, to assist him/her in welcoming, assisting and directing Reunion participants when they arrive at the hotel.
  • The Hospitality Coordinator with the assistant of his/her Welcoming Committee shall prepare personal name tags including name at birth, city and country of residence, for each duly registered participant.
  • The Hospitality Coordinator with the assistant of his/her Welcoming Committee shall prepare welcome and information packages, including souvenirs and personal name tags, and hand them out to all participants at the time of checking in.
  • The Hospitality Coordinator and his/her assistants shall compare the names of arriving participants with the names on the master list that is supplied by the Secretary, to ensure that all participants are duly registered, and that they have paid their fees.
  • The Hospitality Coordinator and his/her assistants shall remind all the participants that name tags are to be worn at all times to prevent unauthorized participant of the events.
  • The Hospitality Coordinator shall oversee the Hospitality Room and to ensure the availability of drinks and snacks.

The Regional Coordinators are TFI-ers who represent the Committee in their area. A Regional Coordinator acts as liaison between the Committee and the area they represent, in order to facilitate communication between said Committee and TFI members, Associate TFI-ers and invited Guests living in his/her respective area.

The Regional Coordinators are appointed by the Chairperson on the recommendation of the Committee.

The regional Coordinators are selected from various regions in Southeast Asia, Canada, Europe and the USA. Each region can have more than one Coordinator depending to the size of the region to be covered.

Task of the Regional Coordinators include but not limited to:

  • Promoting the Reunion in their respective area.
  • Collection of data from regional members pertinent to the reunion.
  • Dissemination and distribution of Reunion material where is necessary.
  • Collection of the registration fees that are to be sent in bulk to the TFI account, if requested.
  • Recording dates and times for receipt of payments.

The Preparatory Committee and the Regional Coordinators are the core Committee members who are actively involved in planning and coordinate the preparation the Reunion logistics.

Other member of the Committee who shall be activated during the Reunion includes:

Master of Ceremonies (MC):

  • The MC shall work closely with the Program Coordinator and/or person in charge of entertainment if applicable, ensuring a smooth operation at all gatherings.
  • The MC is the main communicator between the Committee and the participants at all gatherings.
  • The MC shall introduce persons, entertainers and others at various gatherings.
  • The MC shall announce all item of interest, the reminders and others.
  • The MC shall look after the detail of the dances.


  • The Photographers may take still pictures either digitally or conventionally, to videotaping or filming the events throughout the Reunion, to create a documentary of the Reunion and to distribute to the participants as a memento of the Reunion.
  • The photographers and assistants shall compile the still pictures, grade and sort them out for reproduction, to use their expertise to create a souvenir of the Reunion. In case of a documentary, the Photographers shall use their expertise to edit the raw footage, to provide captions and/or narration, as well as background music.
  • The Photographers shall decide on a suitable medium for still pictures for which to be reproduced in either digital or printed final products to be distributed to all participants. If a documentary or movie is being produced, then the Photographers shall distribute the movie in DVD or VCD format, one copy for each couple participants and single participant.
  • The Photographers shall be compensated for any cost incurred for the acquisition of necessary supplies in the fulfilment of their services. Compensation for the Photographers and their photographic materials and services shall be added up and to be divided by the number of participants. This amount is to be included as part of the registration fee.
  • The Photographers shall arrange for the distribution of the selected medium, either directly to the participants or through the Regional Coordinators.

Group Captains:

  • The Group Captain-1 (GC-1) is appointed by the Core Committee members.
  • The GC-1 may select his deputy, Group Captain-2 (GC-2).
  • The GCs shall appoint Assistant Group Captains (AGCs).
  • The AGC is selected from the reunion participants and preferably from the same country or state were the participants residing.
  • Each AGC is assigned by the GC shall be responsible for taking care of a certain group of 20-25 people.
  • The GC shall oversee and coordinate the tasks with the AGCs to accomplish their goal and purpose.

The tasks of the AGCs include the following but not limited to:

  • Familiarize him/herself with the names and room/cabin numbers of each person in the group.
  • Know the designated members of the Committee and how to get in touch with them, for which a list of names, room/cabin numbers, cell phone numbers will be provided.
  • Immediately contact the group captain or the designated Committee member if an emergency situation occurs within their group.
  • The GC shall response and direct the AGC for what action to be taken next.
  • Assist people with special needs getting on and off the buses and ship.
  • Direct and guide people to the entrance and departure points during outings or during other organized gatherings, to ensure that all members in the group are on time and present upon boarding.
  • Have a program and list of relevant information handy, which to be supplied, to know the places for breakfast, dinner, meeting rooms, pharmacist, first aid, and doctors in the hotel or onboard a ship.
  • All GC and AGCs shall have Cellular phones for communication.


As being mentioned in the Constitution, that the TFI Reunion Committee is only acted as an organizer of a TFI Reunion. Under no any circumstances can the organizer of the TFI Reunion, either as a group nor as individual, be made liable for any inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration whether physically or mentally caused by any injuries, damages, losses, strikes, failure of any kind, discrepancies, or uncontrollable changes, accidents resulting directly or indirectly from the acts of God, terrorist attacks, that might be experienced by the participants, as a group or as individual, on the way to, before and during the Reunion. Registration and participation in the Reunion are deemed to indicate that the individual accepts such risks.

Article 7: MEETINGS

The Preparatory Committee shall hold meetings whenever issues need to be discussed and resolved. However, because of the Committee members do not live in a commutable distances of each other, the meeting can be held by teleconferences.

  • Any teleconference shall be announced at least 2 (two) days in advance by written notification such as an email by giving the date, time and the agenda of items to be discuss.
  • At the teleconference, the reports on the activities of the Committee that occurred since the last teleconference shall be given.


Alterations or amendments to these By-Laws require a 51% majority votes of the Committee.


Any questions which are not covered by these By-Laws shall be decided by the Committee.

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