Xiamen 2018 Chairman Message

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Dear TFI committees members Reunion 2018 and Participants of TFI Reunion 2018,

Once again thanks you for your support to participate for joining TFI Reunion 2018, we are happy to hear that you enjoyed TFI Reunion program that we deliver to you, we the committees try our best, to do the best and to give the best to have a successful reunion.

Our thanks and appreciation to the TFI Reunion committees for their dedication, commitment who spent hours of volunteer work and daily communication to have this Reunion complete and ready for success. Through this journey we know each other well, work together as a team  to solve problem that we face, that’s why we are able come together to celebrate TFI Reunion 2018 in Xiamen.

Thanks you for your support, without all of you it is impossible to have a Reunion.

Thanks to Henry, Hedy for the stage banner and photo group banner, song book which enjoyed by our participants and Bus captains sign that you brought from Indonesia to Xiamen and always stand with us for any support we need it.Thanks you for our Indonesian’s friends generousity supporting us for whatever we need to make this Reunion successful.

Our thanks to Bapak Liong Se Tjien (Soetjipto Nagaria )generousity that we the committees able to put the Min-nan Sheng-yun Cultural Show and Xiamen Night Harbor Cruise back together.

Thanks you to Paul and Westa our Evening Program committees who put the evening program together relate to our TFI Reunion tradition by bringing Ferry, his group and Hans Zhang to entertain us, there is no party without music, it was an enjoyable and fun evening.

The beginning when Westa introduce Ferry to me, I always respond in our communication by mentioning Ferry name Perry, after a while he said Sian, his name is Ferry not Perry, oh I am sorry Westa probably I remember Perry Mason, With his humorous side Westa send me Perry Mason picture and Ferry Ma picture, me and Peng were laughing, since then on no more Perry.

Thanks you Ferry be part of our evening program give more flavor and enjoyable evening.

Our thanks also to the Bus Captain who did amazing job to make sure participants count in and out the bus is complete.

Bus A Captain in Green James Go and Budi Yogisaputra.

Bus B Captain in Blue Bob Ling and Eddy Sugiarto.

Bus C Captain in Yellow  Rudy Sada and Okky Oei

Bus D Captain in Red Jong Han Lauw and Tjio Hok Kong.

Last but not least our thanks go to Anthony Tjio Hok Tong who make us possible to celebrate TFI Reunion in Fujian because of our language barrier who spent his time and worked together closely with our Travel Tour director Olivia, she is a very responsible person, I saw her everywhere to make sure everything is ok. We are satisfied what we plan and survey from the beginning end up successful and bring a memorable adventure to our participants.

Beside in Wuyishan the show which is amazing, participants enjoy the Marionette Show, it is worth it for us naik Becak go to the training place in Quanzhou, luckily the timing is right that we able to get them perform for us at the FuFu night.

Thanks you Ling by helping H. Tong arrange the present together and able to send it to Xiamen on time and keep up with his hectic and frustration.

I want to made it clear there is some misunderstanding regarding H.Tong statement about boycotting by some, the person who are not joining us is not boycotting us but due to her physical ability, restrain to join us, like some of us who worry from the beginning how hectic the schedule is, and the  bullet train ride,  some of her friends not joining us because they had been to Xiamen in the past. Everything is fine, we do not force people to join our Reunion, it is their individual choice.

Finally thanks you so much, hope everybody get over their jetteg and able to go back to their daily routine again.

Looking forward for the next TFI  Reunion in Penang, Congratulation to Hans Lim as our next TFI Reunion XVII chairman.

Kong Peng, Sian.


TFI Reunion 2018 – Xiamen