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July 23 at 10:58pm


Contributions of Indonesian Chinese towards the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB)

In 1914, a few years before the establishment of THS (Technische Hoogerschool te Bandoeng) which was the basic initial pioneer of ITB, a Financial Committee was formed to develop the campus of ITB. There were 3 important names among the 13 committee members, namely,

  1. Nio Hoey Oen, Leader (Kapten) of the Chinese Community in Batavia.
  2. Phoa Keng Hek, School Principal of Tiong Hwa Hwee Kwan.
  3.  H.H. Kan, Land lord, member of Board of Batavia

The development of the campus needed 500,000 Gulden and it was not an easy job to collect such amount of money during that time, it cannot be denied that the 3 names mentioned above of the Chinese descendants in Indonesia have played a very important role in the process of establishment of the campus on 3rd July 1920. An important note, one year after the establishment, Bung Karno registered himself as a student at the Institute.  This valuable information I have gathered from the “Bulletin der Indische Universiteits-Vereeniging, No. 1 Mei 1914”. A gift from Bapak Soeseno Boenarso.

The presence of Bapak Soeseno Boenarso (Chairman of Alumni Pahoa School, a school established 117 years ago) to the Museum Pustaka Peranakan Tionghoa has described the background story and supported by authentic documents as a greatest grace yesterday. Why? I am confident of the information, not only to the big family of ITB, but also as an important history to be known to all the Indonesians. I just imagine that if this story is told to the new students of ITB when they first attend their lecture at the campus of ITB.

Well, if this information were delivered in a well-planned manner to the big family of ITB.


Collection of Museum Pustaka Peranakan Tionghoa

  1. Bulletin de Indische Universiteits- Vereeniging, No. 1 Mei 1914
  2. Semerbak Bunga di Bandung, by Haryono Kunto, 1986.